Welcome to On-Call Technical Services located in Anguilla, BWI

On-Call Technical Services offers I.T. consulting & managed services for everything from sole proprietorships to large corporations & governments. We also specialize in offering computer repair & services to residential customers.

With over 18 years of experience, we know how to do things right the first time. We know downtime directly effects your bottom line. Not only do we work quickly to resolve any situation, we will develop solutions to ensure it doesn't happen again!

Our goal is not to replace any existing desktop support or basic computer repair technicians in Anguilla (local jobs are important!). We are looking to be their GO-TO contact for higher level IT work which may be beyond their scope/expertise. Rather than have IT staff come in from other islands for these needs, we can do that work for you. Best of all, we will always be here locally to support our work and the money your business spends on its IT needs will stay in Anguilla!

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have someone to call upon 24/7 whom you trust & knows your systems better than anyone else. We stand behind & guarantee all of our work. We are highly qualified and hold all major internationally recognized IT certifications.

We are very proud to be Anguillian owned and operated!