These are just a few of the services we offer:

Business Services...

Tier I
* Business basic Desktop Support services:
Workstation support (OS level), local printers, Microsoft Office, peripheral support, etc.
Tier II
* Business advanced Desktop Support services:
Malware endpoint management, network printers, backups, share drives, workstation imaging and deployment, application installations and config, POS/inventory systems, etc.
* Mobile device management:
Security management of all mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc.
* Administrative functions:
Database administration, Microsoft Exchange, VoIP systems, DNS/DHCP config, VPN config, Group Policy, Active Directory, WSUS, etc.
Tier III
* Infrastructure architecture and deployment:
Networking (CAT6), switches, servers/racks, gateways, VoIP, domain config, disaster recovery systems, Hyper-V/VMware, Linux, Cloud, Data Intelligence and storage, Project Management, Lean Process Improvement, etc.
* Advanced security evaluations:
Network and server penetration testing, firewall configuration evaluations, white hat hacking, etc.
* Industrial Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition environments:
Network isolation and segmentation, PLC security/backup/maintenance, advanced firewall management and configuration, etc.
Service agreements
* Client services contracts:
Example; Client pays monthly for X number of hours of labour @ Tier II or III for a large discount. Client receives 24/7 preferential On-Call priority service if a situation arises. If the agreed upon hours in a month are exceeded, there will still be a discount on any additional. *These agreements are for reactionary services, not run and maintain, or proactive services.

Whether you're a small proprietorship or a large corporate enterprise, we have done it all and understand your needs. We can work with any budget & business requirements.
We offer standardized billing in the form of NET-15 (parts) & NET-30 (labor) to suit your growing business.
We also offer on-site training of any technology we deploy.

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Residential Services...
We're founded partly on residential customers, & we are proud to continue serving you!

*Virus/Spyware removal
*PC cleanup and optimize
*Home networking (WiFi, cabling, etc.)
*Technology based home entertainment (Media servers for video/audio, touchscreen remotes, etc.)
*Peripheral installation (printers, scanners, etc.)
*Custom PC builds

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